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Mexican Beef Casserole Recipes

There are a lot of easy and quick Mexican beef casseroles to try. They can be the perfect solution when looking for healthy and flavorful meals. However, most include corn, cheese, salsa, black beans, tomatoes, and usually tortilla chips for dipping. You can always revise the mexican beef casserole recipe to your like. They make great dips for a pary or event.

Beef Casseroles are great for potlucks and can be a fan favorite for all crowds. From corned beef to a bacon cheeseburger casserole, these will satisfy all types of meat lovers.
Mexican food is often a misunderstood style of cooking. Most people considered burritos, fajitas, and even Taco Bell as your everday Mexican meal, but it's actually about the blending and mixing of fresh and tasty flavors for that great taste.

Easy Mexican Beef Casserole

1 pound lean ground beef
2 cups salsa
1 (16 oz.) can chile beans, drained
3 cups tortilla chips, crushed
2 cups sour cream
1 (2 oz.) can sliced black olives, drained
1/2 cup green onion, chopped
1/2 cup fresh tomato, chopped
2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese

- Turn oven on to 350 degrees
- In a pan, cook the beef until brown. Drain
- Add the salsa and stir the mixture, simmering it for 20 minutes
- Mix in the beans
- In the casserole dish, crush the toritlla chips and layer the bottom
- Pour in the beef mixture over the chips.
- Spread the sour cream and top with olives, green onion, and tomato. Finish it off with the cheddar cheese
- Cook for 30 Minutes

Quick and Creamy Mexican Casserole

1 (10.75 oz.) can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 (10.75 oz.) can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 (4 oz.) can chopped green chile peppers, drained
1-1/2 cups prepared salsa
1/4 cup milk
2/3 cup sour cream
8 (6-inch) flour tortillas
1lb Ground Beef
2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese

- Turn oven on to 350 degrees
- In a pan, cook the ground beef until brown
- In a larger size pan, combine the soups, chile peppers, milk, salsa, and sour cream
- In the casserole dish, place the tortillas in the bottom layer
- Add half the soup mixture, half the beef, and half the cheese. Repeat layers ending with the cheese
- Cook for 45 minutes
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