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Chicken Casserole Recipes

For casserole recipes, chicken can be a very sourceful and useful ingredient when used right. As history states, the casserole started somewhere in the 1800's, where large pans were used to serve many. This is how the casserole started to serve family households.

Breakfast casseroles often use chicken leftovers from the night before. This can make an excellent brunch or late afternoon snack. One such delicious chicken casserole recipe for this type of occasion is the cheesy chicken casserole. With the nice layers of ingredients and a very simple recipe, this is a healthy and quick way to serve breakfast.

Other chicken casserole dish can involve some mexican ingredients. There is nothing tastier than some chicken, cheese, tortillas, and chilies served in a nice red or green sauce. Such recipes would be the chicken enchilada casserole. Adding rice, black beans, corn, salsa, and other south of the border recipes can also turn a casserole into a flavor explosion. The last main ingredient needed for any mexican casserole would be cheese, cheese, and more cheese.

The next style of chicken casserole recipe would be Italian style with pasta. Most of these dishes have a hearty tomato sauce and a lot of cheese. One of the oldest casserole dishes ever created is the traditional lasagna made with veal. However, if your looking for a lighter type of meal, chicken is the way to go. Different variations of pasta can also be used in casserole recipes. The pasta is typically what holds the cheese and sauce together.

You can find many delicious chicken casserole recipes on this site. Spruce up your next party, picnic, or family meal from recipes chosen from around the world. We have many casseroles to choose from depending on the certain occasion. There isn't a perfect selection when you want something fried, baked, grilled, broiled, sauteed, braised, etc...Mix and match and come up with a chicken casserole that you can call your own.

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For chicken casserole recipes, it isn't important on how the chicken is cooked. Any leftovers you have can turn a meal into a delicious course. The overall concept of a chicken casserole is to have a base of a creamy sauce or some type of canned soup in order to hold everything together. Other variaions involve egg and milk that can help create a quiche consistency.

For some other lunch or dinner casserole dishes, check out our beef casserole recipes, chicken casserole recipes, or Italian casserole recipes. There are many different casseroles to try. Change some of them up a bit and make the casserole unique.
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