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Breakfast Fruit Casserole Recipe


   1 28-ounce can peach halves
   1 28-ounce can peach slices
   1 15 1/4-ounce can pineapple chunks
   1 17-ounce can apricot halves
   1 28-ounce can pear halves
   1 17-ounce can pitted dark cherries
   1 17-ounce can Kadota figs
   1 bag coconut
   3-4 bananas
   Lemon juice
   Brown sugar
   2 2-ounce packages slivered almonds
   2/3 cup banana liqueur or Cointreau
Directions for Breakfast Fruit Casserole Recipe

- Turn oven on to 300 degrees
- Drain the fruit and slice up the bananas
- In a casserole dish, layter the buttom with coconut
- Add in the mixed together fruits
- Top with brown sugar
- Top Casserole dish with almods
- Pour liqueur on top
- Bake for 30 Minutes

I prepared this breakfast fruit casserole recipe for a faculty breakfast at school. They went wild over it. Thanks for sharing.

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